Women’s health- A Background



Women are very strong, may not be on the literal sense but with the way they battle life. It is true that men and women are equal but when it comes to events happening in a human life, there are more happening with women compared to men. Starting with menstruation, some women are fortunate not to go through anything but some have to experience cramps and other aches and pains. When they reach their 50’s, they would have to go through menopause and go through similar cycle but only this time, they would have to go through more health issues.

happy_womens_day_colorful_card_or_background_vector_design_6818001Menopause is the particular point in time when the last menstruation occurs. If refers to that specific point of cessation of menstruation. But in ordinary language, menopause embraces both the times before and after the exact time of menopause. Some go experience hot flushes which are menopause symptoms where a woman is sleeping peacefully in bed, suddenly they wake up. Their body feels so hot like it is on fire. They will sweat profusely and oftentimes, it leads to having insomnia since it is difficult to sleep having this condition.
Pains and aches all over the body are other menopause symptoms that women nearing menopause may experience. Some women have aches and pains befor95451587-1-300x199e, but at menopause the pains increase. This is because of the decreased estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that nourishes and strengthens the body tissues, especially in the female genital track and the breasts. With the decline in estrogen, the tissues become weaker and prone to infections. They become stiffer causing aches and pains to arise. Every woman will go through all these. In order to lessen your discomfort, be sure to meet with your doctor to ensure that there are no complications. They can even provide remedies if it worsens.

Women’s health- An Analysis


healthy-woman (1)It is true that women are more vulnerable compared to men especially when it comes to health issues. Most people worry about these health issues as there are a lot of possibilities something may happen. All people experience sickness and other ailments but women have their reproductive system to add to that. Menstruation and menopause allows them to experience some discomfort when going through it. In the world of medicine, one aspect that has come more to the forefront over time is women’s health issues.

SHE_Logo_Final_Colour_Page_2Though in some areas of medicine females are still under-represented in research, such as in the field of cardiology, issues that are specific to women have generally gotten more attention. This includes the female reproductive system and, more recently, female sexuality. Problems in these areas used to be lumped together when it came to study and research, but fortunately this has been changing as women have made their wishes known more strongly to the medical industry.


Advances in women’s health when it comes to reproductive issues have been impressive. It used to be that females of childbearing age who were found to be infertile for one reason or another were simply tolA beautiful young woman holding a glass of orange juice while surrounded by fruit and vegetablesd that their best option was to adopt. This is no longer the case for many. In instances where a woman is capable of carrying a child but for some reason is incapable of becoming¬†pregnant, procedures have been perfected for helping her to bear her own biological children. Thanks to medical advances and technology, health issues are no longer as fearsome as it was before. There is still that worry yet you can still feel a little relaxed because there is a huge possibility that there is cure availabl
. Also, if a person live a healthy lifestyle then they do not have to worry about anything at all.