Moving to a New Place



When you’re moving to a new house or apartment, the entire process is a pain. I recently moved from my one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house across town.

My boyfriend isn’t a fan of asking for help in the heat of the moment, but afterward agreed how much easier it would have been if he had.

It takes forever to pack up everything. I recommend labeling boxes while you pack so that you know what’s in each box and you know where to put it when you get to your new place.

I, also, recommend creating piles for trash and donations while you’re packing up. You’ll find this makes things easier.

* Trash the old shower curtain; they’re pretty cheap.
* Donate clothes you haven’t worn in a while.
* Recycle old magazines you haven’t read in a while.

Rent a trailer or Uhaul. It’s so much easier to get the furniture, appliances, and boxes in one swoop.

Save your food for last, unless you want to make the time to unpack the cold foods in the middle of everything else.