What Fish is Bad For You



Everyone says that eating fish is a good source of proteins and good fats. They say it’s a good way to fight off heart disease and boost brain health. But, they don’t always tell you to watch our for fish contaminated with mercury, antibiotics and harmful chemicals like PCBs.

When choosing fish for dinner, keep in mind the following stats on popular fish.

*Imported catfish may contain antibiotics banned in food in the United States.
* Farmed eel is potentially high in PCBs and mercury.
* King mackerel tends to contain high levels of mercury.
* Orange roughy and Chilean sea bass are both over-fished and may contain high amounts of mercury.

* Shark meat contains high levels of mercury.
* Imported shrimp may contain antibiotics and chemical residue.
* Swordfish is high in mercury.
* Tilefish are high in mercury.
* Many varieties of tuna contain mercury, but bluefin tuna tends to have higher levels than other varieties.

Fish is still good for you, but watch out how much and how often you eat it.