Top 5 Health Tips for Men Over 40

As much as we may hate admitting it, we’re all getting older. And if you’re like many others, you may be noticing a change in the way your body looks and responds to what you do to it.

Those of you who know what I’m talking about will recognize that those days of eating whatever, whenever, and how much of what you wanted are long gone, and your body will probably be a lot more stubborn when it comes to change these days.

And speaking of stubborn, the weight doesn’t seem to come off nearly easily as it used to. Just doing moderate exercise and a change in diet doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

Keeping in shape at any age can be a challenge, but once we get into middle-aged territory, things really begin to slow down and we need to put in that much more effort to maintain and improve our fitness.

Here are five easy-to-remeber lifestyle changes any man can make to get back into shape and on the road to fitness.

1. Adopt a Healthy Diet

It goes without saying that the more you practice a healthy lifestyle the more your body stays healthy. At this age when your body’s tissues and muscles start to lose tone, you need to take in more nutrition to help you bolster up your immune system as well as strengthen and protect your bones.

Proteins are a must to help your body since muscles are required for exercise, so get plenty of lean meat, fish, and poultry. Also make fresh fruits and vegetables your habit, whether in a smoothie, or eat them raw, and you should have a zeal for salads.

The importance of water can’t be ignored in the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Water hydrates your body’s organs and keeps them healthy all throughout the day. A good habit to help you achieve this is always having a water bottle with you all times.

2. Regular Exercise

Training your body with exercise helps your body in building muscle, maintaining body composition, and keeps your bones stronger. You don’t actually have to do the strenuous exercises (such as weight lifting) every day. Rather, you can substitute that with morning runs/jogs, squats, planks and more healthy fitness exercises.

Maintaining regular exercises gives you the added advantage of counteracting the complications associated with aging.

3. You have to get enough sleep

As year 40 approaches, your body hormones start to change due to increased stress levels, fatigue, and due to the fact that your muscles and tissues become weaker. Failure to get enough sleep may lower your immunity and that’s why you are advised to get 8-9 hours of sleep every day.

Avoid over-dependency on alarms and train your body to wake up naturally at a specific time. Sleep will reduce your stress level and help you recover from the day’s extreme exercises. As a result, your mornings will be full of life – which is something that’s very important at this age.

4. Relax your body

The amount of fatigue and stress levels associated with people over 40 demands a lot of body relaxation. There are a lot of ways to achieve relaxation: you can meditate, you can hang out with friends, take walks in parks or elsewhere in nature, or you can commit to regular exercise. All these options and more will be key to relaxing your body, and that’s why you’re encouraged to make an habit of getting involved with any one of them on a daily basis.

5. Increase your testosterone levels

For men, checking and maintaining a healthy level of testosterone will be key in your 40’s. Not only will your testosterone levels boost your libido, it fights against erectile dysfunction, and improves fertility and your sperm quality.

When added all together, maintaining healthy testosterone levels will give you and your partner quality bedtime, which at this age is vital to any relationship and shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a known fact that orgasms reduce stress levels as well – and for the doubters, you should try it and thank me later!

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