Is Penis Enlargement Possible?

Let’s talk about penis enlargement, or (to put it bluntly) how to make your dick bigger. I’m going to cover what’s true and what’s just wishful thinking about male enhancement products and techniques, and what is deceptive marketing designed to bilk you out of your credit card digits.

I’ve read a huge number of scientific studies. I’ve interviewed Urologists. I’ve spent time on dozens of Reddit groups, and online communities devoted to Jelqing and penis enlargement. I’ve gone ahead and purchased about a dozen penis enlargement products, such as the Bathmate and VigRX Plus. And I have also conducted my own study by surveying a group of more than a thousand men about their experiences and results with penis enlargement techniques, devices and pills.

And I’m going to share everything I learned right here.

Jelqing is a term used for a technique of stretching your penis. The basic Jelqing technique is to make a circle with your fingers around the base of your penis and then stroke towards the head without going over the head itself. That’s important, because you could easily injure yourself if you pass over the head of the penis with force.

Some techniques involve closing a circle around the base with one hand using the other hand to stroke and stretch towards the head. Some are the opposite. Some guides tell you have to be semi-erect first, but not fully erect. And there are about a thousand variations on these basic strokes.

Before I get into that, let’s get to the question at hand (so to speak): does Jelqing actually work? Well, its complicated (sorry). Here’s everything I’ve learned and I’ll let you decide.

First, I bought a bunch of these programs and they’re are all largely the same.

Second, I had a conversation with the owner of one of the most popular penis enlargement guides on the internet. And this guy is a multi, multi-millionaire from selling penis enlargement stuff. And one of the impressive things about his particular program are the testimonials, and there are lots of them. And a bunch of videos for men who used the program and got great results. These videos are pretty heartfelt, and they’re pretty convincing.

So I asked him point blank: “Are these guys real or did you script these?” Now, obviously I shouldn’t tell you what he said because it was confidential, but it led me to believe that a lot of the “true stories” and before-and-after pictures that you’ve seen all over the internet are most likely manufactured.

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Third, urologists, will tell you the penis enlargement is bullshit – except recently a few doctors have gotten into the game, too. There is money to be made and there are therapies like the P-shot, ultrasonic treatments, and stretching devices. They’re being sold as penis enlargement by doctors. But if you ask those doctors point blank they will have to tell you the truth: these treatments do not make your dick bigger.

They’re useful treatments for Peyronie’s disease, which is a curvature of the penis, or for erectile dysfunction. They may increase blood flow which can give you a harder erection (which is great by the way). And that means that you haven’t actually grown, but rather your penis is just as big as it can get, because its fuller instead of partially empty when erect.

Now, if you’re 25 you already get rock hard erections, and these treatments are going to do nothing for you. But if you’re 65 and you want a little more pressure in the hose, these treatments do work – but honestly, so will Viagara or Cialis.

Anyway, let’s go over my own study where thousands of men told me about their experiences and their results with Jelqing. So a majority said no, they didn’t get results, which is what I expected. But here’s where things get weird. A small percentage of them said that they did grow.

Now the bad news is, the vast majority of these guys said it was only by about half an inch. I think what most likely is happening is that they were stretching the suspensory ligament, so the penis isn’t actually growing, but is getting pulled out of the body more. The consequences of this is a lowering of the angle of erection, which may or may not be a good trade off since a higher angle of erection is more correlated with pleasure for women during intercourse than size is.

But, most of the men said that their flaccid length did improve. If you’re a grower but not a shower, as they say, and your issue is locker room embarrassment in front of the other guys when you’re limp, Jelqing might be the thing for you. And I will tell you that as a guy who’s not that big, and who is a grower and not a shower, when I was younger my dick size did make me crazy insecure. And it was incredibly emasculating and embarrassing to have a small dick in the locker room. And while I’ve gotten over that and so should you, I totally get it if an increase in flacid length is important to you. From everything that I’ve researched Jelqing is gonna work for that so that is good news.

Okay, so this last bit is interesting, because that leaves the less than 1% of outliers who told me that after Jelqing or using stretching devices they actually grew significantly, by more than an inch. Wishful thinking? Lying? Did it work? Well I can’t know for sure.

Science says no. And personally I come down on the side of it being BS. After years of counseling men on highly emotional issues, I can tell you humans have an unbelievable ability for self-deception. So if you’re desperate to grow your dick, here’s another thing that is worth considering. As I said, I purchased a bunch of these programs that advertise online. I had a research assistant go through them, pull out all the BS, the filler, and the case studies, and condense it down to just the techniques that they all agree on.

Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement

One of the things that really struck me was how much time and effort this shit takes. Some of the programs say as little as 20 minutes a day, but then you get the program and it includes 40 minutes of warm ups prior, and then 20 minutes of Jelqing, and then 10 more minutes of stuff you must do afterwards.

There are big warnings: don’t skip the warm up or you could injure yourself. The part about injury at least, is true. Several Urologists have told me that they often see men who have injured their penis’s from Jelqing. But the point is, maybe so few men get good results because so few men can take that time out of their lives. Maybe, this stuff works. It’s only retired guys or guys living on welfare who live alone that can spend their days stretching their dick for months, and then you know they’re the only ones that got the results and that’s why it’s a small percentage.

Maybe. My personal opinion is that the reason that these programs tell you that you have to do all this stuff for such long periods of time is simply that they know that most men won’t stick with it. They add complexities, like you have to be 65% erect or it won’t work. If you get more erect you have to stop, and wait until you calm down. Or if you don’t get erect enough, you have to stop and get yourself a little more aroused.

So this shit can be difficult. And then they know that most men won’t ask for a refund even though they didn’t get results, if they believe that it was their fault because they didn’t follow the program. So they make it intentionally near impossible for most men to follow. That might sound cynical but I know a lot about these guys and how they market their products, and I have a good reason to be cynical.

But if you’re still determined to try out some of those enlargement programs, stretching devices, weights, and all that stuff, I can’t tell you with 100% certainty that it won’t work for you. But my honest assessment is that it won’t, and that the hours you spent on this are something you will regret when you’re 85 and looking back on how you spent your days. And also these efforts will actually underscore your own sense of inferiority and inadequacy in your own subconscious mind. So I hope you make a better choice.

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